Why Kingsley Wood?

Sir Kingsley Wood Limited T/A Kingsley Wood is a new, pre-eminent, high performance law firm based in London, adopting a consultant-based model to enable high calibre Partners and fee earners to trade. We have the benefit of exceptional technology, a reliable and proven operational structure, and great people working within a positive, collaborative, and flexible environment. 

The consultancy model has been successful for several firms. But Kingsley Wood has a different approach. We recognise that the heart of a law firm, and the key to its success, is its lawyers.  We will invest in, develop, and promote the firm’s Partners and, critically, their very different backgrounds both personally and professionally.  There will be a core, non-negotiable focus on imbedding “diversity” into the firm’s culture, corporate model, and Partner offering.  

A consultancy-based model does not have to mean remote working in isolation to colleagues. We want our lawyers to have the freedom and autonomy of consultancy, whilst benefitting from the support and community feel that dispersed law firms sometimes lack. We will facilitate online hubs together with regular networking, socials and collaboration meetings. We recognise that as the people on the front line, our Partners have an unparalleled insight in to what we should achieve, and how we can achieve it. Our Partners will have the opportunity to be involved in driving the firm forward, so we remain one step ahead. 

Kingsley Wood is part-owned by Taylor Rose MW (“TRMW”) and will adopt the state-of-the-art operational and technological infrastructure that TRMW has built over the past 12 years.  Kingsley Wood will utilise the market-leading risk and compliance framework, as well as administrative and marketing functions of TRMW to achieve its objectives. With proven systems and functions already in place, Kingsley Wood will focus on providing the best possible service to our lawyers enabling them to provide the best possible service to their clients.