a community of modern like-minded legal specialists

Welcome to Kingsley Wood. Our mission is to radically reshape the way legal services are delivered to individuals, entrepreneurs, owner-managers and commercial leaders. We’ll do that by bringing together a diverse range of legal minds, liberate them from the usual challenges of traditional private practice and equip them with the tools, incentives and purpose to operate in a way that serves their clients better than anyone else.

It’s a business designed for ambitious clients and talented lawyers; unique individuals that are excited about what a fresh new platform in legal services can provide. Put simply, it’s designed for you.

Today, we’re all faced with more choice than ever about how, when and where we work. And we find more meaning in that work when it delivers positive social, as well as commercial, impact.

We stand as a brave new platform to deliver that; a community of like-minded modern legal specialists that strive to deliver new standards of excellence and impact to clients. We are designed to radically transform service delivery through contemporary technology, deft legal project management and a class-leading operational infrastructure.

Private clients, entrepreneurs, SMEs and even leading corporates can all take advantage of the value our new-fashioned approach can offer. But, unlike many of our traditional peers, our people mirror the unique and diverse range of clients they serve. To us, that sense of identity is just as important as the exemplary technical and commercial skills our people deliver.

When it comes to our people, we treat our lawyers as clients. We work hard to earn the trust and loyalty of every single one of them, never taking any of them for granted. Empathy is important, as is building mutual values and trust. Crucially, it’s all about creating a shared perspective.

As ever, the secret to collaboration is trust. Here, we’re concentrating on building meaningful relationships across the platform so that our people can take advantage of the benefits of working alongside their peers on cross-practice matters.

Our advantage comes from the unique talents of our individuals, developing as a powerful modern network, to solve our clients’ biggest legal challenges.

Here you’ll find the latest news on how we’re changing the profession for good, plus the views and insights of people make us what we are today.

The Attraction of Consultancy

Kingsley Wood 15.06.22

The COVID pandemic, together with the rising cost…

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Why Kingsley Wood?

Kingsley Wood 15.06.22

Sir Kingsley Wood Limited T/A Kingsley Wood is a new, pre-eminent, high performance law firm…

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Getting a strong sense of what we could achieve together? It’s time to get in touch. If you’re a client or a lawyer that’s longing for a fresh approach to legal service delivery, you can email Camille Bellchamber, our Chief Operating Officer,
at Camille@kingsley-wood.com. You can also email us any specific queries or questions you may have by contacting enquiries@kingsley-wood.com