a community of modern like-minded legal specialists

Welcome to Kingsley Wood.

Our mission is to radically reshape the way legal services are delivered to individuals, entrepreneurs and commercial leaders. We’ll do that by bringing together a diverse range of legal minds, and building a community of modern lawyers. We liberate our lawyers from the usual challenges of institutional private practice and equip them with the tools, incentives and purpose to operate in a way that serves their clients better than anyone else.

Our website will be live in June 2022.

Today, we’re all faced with more choice than ever about how, when and where we work. And we find more meaning in that work when it delivers positive social, as well as commercial, impact. We stand as a brave new platform to deliver that; a community of like-minded modern legal specialists that strive to deliver new standards of excellence and impact to clients.

We are designed to radically transform service delivery through contemporary technology, deft legal project management and a class-leading operational infrastructure. Private clients, entrepreneurs, SMEs and even leading corporates all take advantage of the value our new-fashioned approach can offer. But, unlike many of our traditional peers, our people mirror the unique and diverse range of clients they serve. To us, that sense of identity is just as important as the exemplary technical and commercial skills our people deliver.

We treat our Partners as clients. Our business works hard to earn the trust and loyalty of every single one of them, never taking any of them for granted. Empathy is important, as is building mutual values and trust. Crucially, it’s all about creating a shared perspective. We’re also designed to pick up the pace for our Partners and clients. They are both frustrated by needless protocols, so we’ve concentrated on making our onboarding process for both people and matters faster and better. It works at scale, too.

As ever, the secret to collaboration is trust. Here, we’re concentrating on building meaningful relationships across the platform so that our Partners take advantage of the benefits of working alongside their peers on cross-practice matters. Our advantage comes from the unique talents of individuals, developing as a powerful modern network, to solve our clients’ biggest legal challenges.


The resources to excel, the autonomy to succeed.

Our infrastructure is designed to be as supportive as it is liberating. Strong modern legal tech, matter resourcing, administrative support, operational framework….we have you covered.


Work. Reimagined for tomorrow.

Forget two days out and three days in. Our model tears up that rulebook, so that the very best lawyers can work where, how and when they want.


The team you can count on.

The most enterprising structure, a proven operational model, progressive technology and a 24/7 project team is all yours.


Put yourself first.

It’s always inspiring to take control of your career. Here, we take away the doubts and give you all the backing you need.
This is a business that’s designed to listen, coach and act.


People with a purpose.

Our commitment to creating impact for the clients, causes and communities adds real meaning to everything we do. As such, we’re all working for something beyond profit, and making a difference to the profession and the world at large is what keeps us driven.


Celebrating the difference.

In an industry defined by the collective, we’re passionate about the individual. Diverse, inclusive, equitable and socially-mobile businesses have the brightest futures, and they rely on respecting the values and gifts that everyone can bring.


With real freedom, comes real reward.

It’s time to be rewarded with a greater percentage of your individual earnings. Our lawyers specialise in resolving our clients most important legal issues on our value driven platform,allowing us to reward our people in ways the traditional model is unable to match.


A collaborative network designed to grow your practice.

Due to the strength and commercial nature across our community of lawyers, we offer an industry leading referral reward scheme giving you every opportunity to deliver an end-to-end service for your clients, with the rewards to match.


Realise the potential of every matter.

With our legal project management, resource allocation and workflow tools, you’ll quickly see how efficient delivery flows through to more sustainable revenues. Plus, with grown-up financial management and billing support, lock-up will be a thing of the past.

Getting a strong sense of what we could achieve together?

Our operating model is designed to give great lawyers a much more equitable value of their client revenues than traditional private practice. With industry leading commercial terms as well as a unique operational and tech infrastructure, being a Partner on our platform is unlike any other. Our community of modern lawyers create value in their work, which is why we offer industry leading referral terms on both client work as well as Partner referrals, tailored specifically to your practice.

Above all, we’re serious about ensuring you have everything you need to develop as a lawyer, grow your practice and make an impact. We make sure that you have every aspect of practice management at your disposal. From support on billing, administration and secretarial support to pricing, outsourced legal process delivery and even project management - all underpinned by one of the most immersive and practical induction programmes in the market.

Of course, the technology, particularly in our new working world, has to be right. So, we’ve developed a high-performance technology pack that is best-in-class. You can also trade-up to an optional home-care package that adds additional monitors, keyboards, printers and headsets, depending on your needs. It’s all underpinned by significant investment in our IT infrastructure at the core.

The next step? Get in touch with us. You can email Camille Bellchamber, our Chief Operating Officer, at Camille@kingsley-wood.com You can also email us any specific queries or questions you may have by contacting enquiries@kingsley-wood.com