Kingsley Wood is a brand-new legal services business based in the heart of London, with a consultant-based model designed to enable the most talented lawyers to deliver their very best performance. We’re backed by trailblazers in the world of platform-based legal service delivery and one of the industry’s leading recruiters of dispersed talent. As such, our first-class operational and technology stack has been 12 years in the making, and our access to the very best lawyers in the market is incomparable.

Our objective is to create the UK’s most effective practice, which means concentrating on established operational components, such as strong management, exceptional technology, a reliable infrastructure and service flexibility. But we’ll also deliver highly distinctive features, too. A commitment to create a genuinely purposeful organisation, focused on creating impact for clients, communities and cultures. Launched in 2022, our business naturally has a contemporary outlook; open, transparent and forward-facing. Above all, we’re committed to providing the most flexible and supportive working life for our people. We have built and designed our business around the new model of service delivery. It is characterised by a well-funded commercial base, a professional management team and a contemporary approach to harnessing tools, talent and technology.

We aspire to build the UK’s first legal entity where progressing gender, ethnicity, social and cultural representation is at the heart, not the periphery. An equitable and inclusive business is, quite simply, a good business. Institutional law firms find it hard to reflect the rich communities they serve today and tomorrow, and their change programmes are crushed under the weight of that legacy. Unencumbered by the past, we have a responsibility to change this industry for good.

Is the time right to build something new and ambitious? Absolutely. Right now, there’s a significant surge in the number of lawyers who want to turn their back on traditional private practice to find much more flexible, rewarding and commercial models to trade from. The pandemic has forced even the most institutional practitioners to feel what life in dispersed law actually feels like. Now, they naturally want control over their workflow, their clients, their earnings, and have seen a fresh new path. We’re designed to provide the freedom and flexibility they crave, and unrivalled support that they need, to liberate their practice.

If the working world really has changed for good, then freedom will mean everything. Our people can operate from our offices (with 12 central London locations, plus more to come, nationally), at home, on client-site or indeed anywhere in the world. Balance that level of liberation with the most resourceful and supportive platform in the industry, and you create a unique impact on the profession.

Another thing that the pandemic has taught us is the power and endurance of personal relationships. Lawyers have often been the first point of contact for unprecedented commercial hurdles. As businesses find themselves in ever-uncertain territory, the loyalty and trust of the profession rests in the hands of talented individuals who are committed to providing practical and accessible legal solutions. Naturally, those are the people we want to back.

You could say that this is all about helping individuals succeed. We think that the traditional partnership model can work against that, with the well-hedged collective effort providing the inevitable commercial focus. The pandemic has made the industry realise that individuals, and not brands, can lead a relationship. What clients really need right now is a more intimate relationship with people that really understand their needs.

That’s not to say teamwork is more important that ever, a real sense of…practice mix as it does to our client portfolios’ whole section to be changed to ‘Teamwork is more important that ever; a real sense of collective effort influences all of our interactions. Choosing independent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing collaboration. Here, we work as one equitable team that sees value in balance, not hierarchy. That applies as much to our practice mix as it does our client portfolios.

Today, we’re all faced with more choice than ever about how, when and where we work. And we find more meaning in that work when it delivers positive social, as well as commercial, impact.

We stand as a brave new platform to deliver that; a community of like-minded modern legal specialists that strive to deliver new standards of excellence and impact to clients. We are designed to radically transform service delivery through contemporary technology, deft legal project management and a class-leading operational infrastructure.

Private clients, entrepreneurs, SMEs and even leading corporates can all take advantage of the value our new-fashioned approach can offer. But, unlike many of our traditional peers, our people mirror the unique and diverse range of clients they serve. To us, that sense of identity is just as important as the exemplary technical and commercial skills our people deliver.

Here you’ll find the latest news on how we’re changing the profession for good, plus the views and insights of people make us what we are today.

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